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History of Contact Lenses from 1508 to 2010

History of Contact Lenses from 1508 to 2010

1508 - Leonardo da Vinci explains the concept of contact lenses
1823 - British astronomer Sir John Herschel theorizes practical lens design
1887 - First contact lens manufactured from glass, and fitted to cover the entire eye Read More...

How to Put in Coloured Contact Lenses Easily

How to Choose the Best Coloured Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes?

Dry eye is one particular cause of contact lens discomfort. Probably the most typical issue eye doctors hear from contact lens users is, "My contacts make my eyes feel dry." Is this TRUE?

Dry eye problem is a prevalent problem among contact lens users and non-wearers as well. But symptoms of dry sight can be more noticeable if you wear non colored and coloured contact lenses, your contacts start to dry out, too. Read More...

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