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How to Put in Coloured Contact Lenses Easily

This blog will show you how to insert and remove your contact lenses in a way that is harmless and easy to follow. If you have never worn coloured contact lenses earlier this can be a little difficult but with practice it is actually very easy to do.

Before we begin you will necessary not only your contact lenses but also a contact lens case and a bottle of contact lens solution. These are essential in order to use your lenses properly and care for them accurately. You may also like to use a pair of contact lens tweezers. These are not necessary but several people find that they make it easier to manage contact lenses. We recommend contact lens tweezers for anybody with long nails, as long nails can harm contact lenses.

How To Insert Contact Lenses

It may take you a few efforts to insert your coloured contact lenses for the firstly. Don't worry - this is usual and you will soon get the hang of it. It is finest to insert your lenses is in a brightly lit area with a freestanding or wall mounted mirror. A bathroom is ideal. If possible have a clean, smooth surface below you - if you drop a lens, this will make it easier to find.

Contact lens tweezers are optional but recommended if you have long nails, as they could damage the lens. These instructions are for right-handed people - left-handers should use the opposite hand.

1. Wash and dry your hands.
2. Pick up the lens and place it on your right index finger. Use your fingers or lens tweezers. Ensure that the lens sits on the tip of your finger with the printed (brightest) side facing downwards. The lens should look smooth and rounded. Check that the lens is not dry, smashed or dirty. If it is, rinse with a drop of lens solution.
3. Use a tissue to dry your other fingertips and ensure eye area is dry.
4. Use your right middle finger to pull down your lower eyelid. Use your left hand to pull up the upper eyelid. You should be able to see white all around your eye.
5. Look straight ahead into the mirror.
6. Gently place the lens in the centre of your eye. You should feel the lens settle on your eye.
7. Remove your finger. The lens should remain on your eye. If not simply try again.
8. Still holding the eye open, look to the left and right. Relief your eyelids and blink. This will help the lens settle into the right place.
9. Look in the mirror and check that the lens is in the right place. It should be over your iris.
10. Repeat for other eye.

Many people find it hard not to blink when they bring the lens close to their eye. This is common and only a question of practise. We endorse practising holding your eye open and bringing a fingertip close to your eye, without the lens. You can also try respiring before you place the lens on your eye. This will help to calm you down and keep your hands steady. Another usual problem is that people do not hold their eye open properly. If you are having problems we recommend practising a few times. Mystery Coloured contact lenses are Cosmetic products it’s enhance the beauty of female and women eyes.

What to Do If You Drop a Contact Lens

If you drop a lens you will need to clean it before it can be worn. Follow these simple instructions to make sure that your lens is clean and ready to wear again. As always wash your hands first.

1. Pick up the lens and place in the palm of your hand.
2. Pour a little contact lens solution onto the lens.
3. Use your index finger to rub the lens very gently in the solution. Do this for 15-30 seconds. Be sure to use your fingertip, not your nail.
4. Check the lens. It should look clean and feel smooth. If you can see dirt on the lens or it feels gritty, rinse with more solution and rub again. Continue until you are satisfied that the lens is clean.
5. The lens is now ready to store or wear.

How to Remove Contact Lenses

You can wear cosmetic contact lenses for up to eight hours at a time. You should never sleep, swim or bathe whilst wearing contact lenses, so always remove your lenses before doing so. Before your take away your lenses ensure that you have a clean contact lens case and contact lens solution ready. To take out your lenses, follow these simple steps:

1. Wash and dry your hands.
2. Use one or both hands to hold your eye open.
3. Use your index finger to move the lens towards the outer corner of the eye.
4. Softly pinch the lens between your thumb and index finger.
5. Lift out of your eye. This may take a couple of attempts - stay calm and try again. If your eye waters, use a tissue.
6. Place the lens in the palm of your hand.
7. Pour a little contact lens solution onto the lens.
8. Use your index finger to rub the lens very gently in the solution. Do this for 15-30 seconds. Be assured to use your fingertip, not your nail.
9. Place the lens in its section of the contact lens case. Fill the case with contact lens solution.
10. Close the case tightly.
11. Repeat with other eye.

Removing coloured contact lenses can take a couple of tries. Do not worry - just remain calm and try again. If your eye becomes sore, wait a few minutes before trying again. Mystery contact lenses for women we order without prescription.

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