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How to Choose the Best Coloured Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes?

Dry eye is one particular cause of contact lens discomfort. Probably the most typical issue eye doctors hear from contact lens users is, "My contacts make my eyes feel dry." Is this TRUE?

Dry eye problem is a prevalent problem among contact lens users and non-wearers as well. But symptoms of dry sight can be more noticeable if you wear non colored and coloured contact lenses, your contacts start to dry out, too.

Causes of dry eye include:

• Age (dry eye is more widespread in over 50)
• Allergies
• Damage to the split glands, such as from radiation
• Diseases such as Sjogren’s problem and other auto-immune conditions
• Medicines such as antihistamines, certain antidepressant medications, beta-blockers for hypertension, and birth control pills
• Hormone changes such as after the change of life (in women)

Dry sight may cause pain, burning, or a gritty feeling like something foreign is in the eye. Some individuals experience blurry perspective. You may experience especially unpleasant with your contact lenses.

Fortunately, there are effective medicines for contact-related dry eye problems. Also superior contacts for dry eyes can help. Or you could try ortho-k, which includes wearing contacts at night; they improve your eyesight progressively so you can see during the day without any contacts at all.

The best treatments for dry eyes affected by contact lenses are:

Eye drops, cleanings and washes
• Eye vitamins
• Silicone hydrogel or low water contents contact lenses
• Daily non reusable contact lenses
• Sticking to the cleaning routine advised by your optician

Is Low Water Content Lenses Effect on Dry Eyes?

It is one particular false impression to think that the higher water content in a contact lens the more comfortable the contact lens will be. For some users, especially those that suffer from dry eye it can have the reverse affect as the moisture in the contact lens can draw the eye's natural tears away, high-water content lenses can also become dried more speedily due to ecological factors.

For soft coloured contact lenses, water content usually varies between 38% to 79%, so if you think lower water content in your contact lenses could really create a difference please check with your eye doctor.

Best Coloured Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

MIST GRAYISH - Eye Colored Lens

MIST ASHEN - Gray Color Contact lenses

MIST QUARTIZ - Quartz Color Contact Lens

You don’t have to give away wearing contact lenses if you have dry eye. Discussing the cause of dry eye or altering to a different type of contact lens can help you better accept contact lenses.

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